Across Africa when the pandemic hit it highlighted and intensified the healthcare and self-care disparities faced around the continent, despite a wide variety of cultures and populations in more than 50 countries within it. 

Through this journey I was inspired to create this which I deem self explanatory when looking at the piece and reading it's title.

We all as humans on this planet have felt like this before. Whether it's been from birth, leaving the womb or at school, or in adulthood, through past relationships we have a felt the sting. However short or prolonged it's presence is always felt. 

Great news no matter how it happened nothing is forever. What really matters is how we pull our selves up, from this.

Whether it's going to the gym, eating, talking it over with friends, family, going to God, shopping, swimming, spa, making new friends, getting a hobby, whatever you gotta do to move on in positive and not a self destructive way.

Absolutely no self harm, or self hate is permitted.

To the people who are out there feeling like this, you are not alone. Whether it's depression, grief, anxiety. We are in this together, first step is admitting you are in that situation and accepting you are bigger that the problem therefore can overcome it. It is crucial that we must all take Self-care and Health care more seriously as a way for self improvement and happiness.

This was my take on modern traditional expressionist art with the pattern, texture and colour as a representation of African experience when abandoned in different circumstances.