Since the COVID 19 pandemic majority if not all of us have been placed in this position. When we glance at this piece we remember what it feels like to be there. This deals with self realization and reflection.

If you are currently in this moment, take heart you will get out of there. This season unfortunately has to run its course for us to grow. 

Get help if you need it, talk to people who can help and have your best interests at heart like family or friends, turn to your faith. For me the written Word in the Bible often gives me courage and comfort. Go to therapy. Do whatever you need to do to get better. Self love is important. Be selfish for once and take care of you.

It's imperative that we remain kind to one another and love. Be a positive change to everyone. 

Remember and practice your manners taught when we were little children 

 " Always say : Please, Thank you, Excuse me or I beg your pardon and I'm sorry."

Stay safe out there.

As people especially Ugandans we should strive to achieve more robust self-care systems across the world and as we move forward, it is important that we embark on this journey together, working toward a healthier future. #Ubuntu.