Bad hair day

'Art is an experience of your inner most thoughts and desires.

It pays a tribute to how all of us (especially the ladies of color) felt when the pandemic COVID-19 hit and we were put under quarantine. So we all remember when it happened in March. It felt like one of those zombie apocalypse 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️movies with no end. It felt so surreal.

Anyway, in this madness we had absolutely NO access to salons. And we all know African Ugandan queens, if our hair is out of commission it limits us. Most of us especially yours truly doesn't know how to plait swaz- "Swahili" or conrows, and certainly not how to treat hair or do croquet or weaves. So it was the time of head wraps. I became a pro at tying them. I even perfected the art of making them. BONNETS and HEADWRAPS. (That's for another story, post)

@youtube became a friend. Learnt how to do everything. Treat hair, sew professionally... So proud of myself. Generally getting more skills and improving on what we have.

The image shows how I felt at one point when I was looking at hair in time while wondering what the world was turning into.

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